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Why should you sell your property with Finest Properties Mallorca?


Information for the seller about selling real estate in Mallorca

If you have decided to sell your property in Mallorca and have no experience in selling real estate in Mallorca, you should read this information briefly.


How we market your property?

If you have expressed confidence in Finest Properties Mallorca to market your property, we will determine the market value for you after viewing the property. We advise you, if necessary, how you can prepare your property most effectively for sale and thereby increase its market value. We present our marketing strategy and create an exposé with high-quality photos and appealing text. For individual fincas and at the seller’s request, the use of a drone camera, which takes photos and videos from different angles of the property, is also an option.


How to get a valid energy certificate?

Since 2013, residential and commercial properties on Mallorca require an energy certificate, the so-called „Certificado de eficiciencia energética de edificios existentes“. Real estate without a valid certificate may not be marketed either privately or through brokerage firms. Infringements can be reprimanded for sellers and brokers with a sum of money of up to 6,000 €. The regulation applies both to applications on the Internet and to advertisements in print media. In any case, the energy certificate must be presented to the notary when it is notarised. This certificate is issued by an architect or construction engineer after he has inspected the property. Finest Properties Mallorca can provide you with an expert for this. The costs for this are borne by the seller and are calculated according to the size of the property.


We accompany you as a reliable partner in all phases of the sales process

It is helpful to provide Finest Properties Mallorca with a copy of the Escritura publica (deed of sale) as soon as the object is taken. If we have found an interested party for your property who would like to arrange a viewing appointment after a preliminary meeting, we will try to contact you at least 1-2 days in advance. Thus you have the possibility to prepare your real estate for the inspection. If it is not possible for you to prepare or have prepared your property yourself at this time, we will be happy to take over this task.


What happens if the prospective buyer wants to buy your property?

If the client intends to buy, we prepare an option contract and a notary appointment. For this we need the following documents from the seller: Photocopy of personal identity card or passport, Escritura Publica (purchase certificate), cedula de habitabilidad (habitation certificate), extracto de registro (extract from the register), last receipt of IBI (property tax) and, in case of notary appointment, the last water-gas electricity bill. When selling a property in a Comunidad, we need a confirmation from the administration about the current status of the seller’s Comunidad payments. If furniture and furnishings of the property are also sold, these should be noted in an inventory list and attached to the option contract. As a rule, the seller first signs the option contract and then the buyer customer. After signing the option contract of both parties, the potential buyer has to pay the option fee (usually 10% of the purchase price) (usually to the seller’s account) for a period specified in the contract, which is offset against the remaining amount of the amount due upon notarization. Non-resident buyers as well as sellers must be in possession of an N.I.E. number (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros) at a notary appointment. The brokerage fee in Spain is between 5% and 6% plus 21% IVA of the sale price and is paid by the seller on the day of notarisation.


Some important tips for the seller to prepare his property for sale

In order to achieve the best possible retail price of a residential property, the seller should present his property in the best possible condition. A buyer who agrees to a property from the Expose, will always try to discover defects in a visit to push the purchase price in his favor. The seller should therefore not give the buyer a chance to do so even at the first visit. Here we have compiled a guideline for the sellers to orient themselves and prepare their properties for a sales inspection. These tips can be applied to all real estates such as apartments, villas, fincas or houses.

Here are some important tips that will not cost much, but can make a big difference when it comes to price negotiation.


Tip 1: Outside

If the buyer customers gets a negative impression of the front of a house, this can affect their view of the whole property. Hedges, shrubs, trees should be cut and in good condition. This also applies to the entire garden area of houses, fincas and villas and for the terrace area for apartments. Dried plants and flowers should be removed, and sidewalks should be freed from leaves and pine needles. Cut off dried palm fronds. Garden fence and entrance gate should have no rust marks. If a pool is available, it should be cleaned and in top condition, so that the impression does´nt created the feeling that the filter system is not in order. All technical rooms should present themselves in a tidy condition. Label valves and mayor water and heating tubes. Sand down weathered wooden windows and wooden shutters and repaint them. Repair or paint house facades and walls with damage or missing paint. Filling cracks, which occur very often in buildings both inside and outside, fill in and paint over. Often buyer customers confuse the problem with frequently occurring settlement cracks, with construction cracks. With this approach, you as a salesman do not even want to be confronted.


Tip 2: Interior

Enter your own home or apartment through your front door and see that the wardrobe is not full with clothes and that there are no shoes in the hallway. All disturbing objects should be put away. Likewise, children’s toys or dog toys should not lie around on the floor. All rooms and the kitchen of the property should give a tidy impression. Do not leave any used dishes in the sink or food rest on the table. Upon inspection, ventilate the property and open the shutters of all rooms to bring max light into the property. The windows should be cleaned. For darker rooms, switch on the light before the customer visits. Scented candles in the living room support the ambience as well as a pleasant-smelling scent spray. Dogs should not be present during a visit and walk around the customer’s legs or even jump on them at the welcome. Many customers look at details during a tour such as in the bathrooms on polished mirrors, sinks, bathtubs and taps. Clean toilets and fold-down toilet lids are a must. Worn sofas or sofa chairs need not be renewed for a visit. Clean bedspreads, which can be cheaply bought, for example by IKEA, helps here for a better and cleaner look. Too much Déco can give a negative impression of the property. A bouquet of fresh flowers is much better than too many „collector items“. Give the buyer customer the feeling that he is welcome as a guest at your home. Give the buyer as little as possible starting points to push the purchase price.

If you can implement all these tips, you, the seller, have done everything to present your property in the best possible condition. Then it is only up to the buyer to make you a purchase commitment.

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For further questions regarding real estate sales in Mallorca, please contact the Finest Properties Mallorca team. Call us, you can reach us 7 days a week on +34 971 69 81 49 or +34 609602402 or send us an e-mail. Write us here!

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