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Your Mallorca Experience - The VIP Tour on Mallorca

VIP-Service on Mallorca

An unforgettable Mallorca experience: Exclusive VIP Tour Mallorca on land, on water and in the air!


Mallorca has many activities. If you are looking for something really special, then we recommend our exclusive VIP luxury weekend on Mallorca.

You want to completely switch off for a weekend and really enjoy the summer? For those who need an exciting time out, we offer exclusive luxury short trips to the Balearic island of Mallorca. Take advantage of our spontaneous VIP offer as a short break or surprise your partner with an exciting excursion on Mallorca. From chauffeur service and accommodation in a 5-star hotel to unique leisure activities such as an incomparable sightseeing flight over Mallorca, we will put together your luxury weekend according to your ideas. Enjoy Mallorcan culture and let our insider tips invite you to exciting experiences and hotspots on the most beautiful Mediterranean island.


With these exclusive Mallorca activities, you will immerse yourself completely in the lifestyle of the island.

Individual advice and intensive, professional support is our guiding principle for each of our customers. Therefore, this VIP tour on Mallorca is also an ideal opportunity for those interested in real estate to get to know their future neighborhood and to get a personal impression of the island. Explore the island’s luxurious hotspots and perhaps find the community that best suits your lifestyle. During the helicopter flight around the island, our staff will show you the varied landscape of Majorca and remote places with excellent restaurants and small street markets. You can explore the picturesque bays e.g. by speedboat tour - the view from the water gives you a wide overview and really brings out the beauty of the beaches.


A luxury weekend on Mallorca - according to your wishes

In addition to the speedboat tour around Mallorca’s VIP beaches and the exploration of the terrain from the air, a driving service on Mallorca is of course part of the programme. From your 5-star accommodation we take you to all hotspots that Mallorca insiders should definitely know. Get to know the island from a new side - for a weekend you can feel at home on Mallorca. When designing your daily plan for the VIP Tour on Mallorca, all possibilities are open. We would be happy to advise you personally upfront and put together a varied offer of activities and sightseeing trips for you.


The highlight of every VIP tour to Mallorca: The island sightseeing flight by helicopter

The flight over Mallorca is a very special experience for every visitor. With the helicopter flight you can experience all facets of the island from the bird’s eye view and the impressions of nature and the country life on itself let. Small villages around the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range and urban hotspots near the coast alternate and invite you to linger. Experience unforgettable moments on a sightseeing flight over Mallorca as the absolute highlight of your luxury weekend. 

Once again, everything at a glance:

- 2-3 days accommodation in a five-star hotel

- Driving Service

- Excursion by helicopter and / or boat

- Discover with us the hot spots of the island such as the hottest restaurants, clubs, bodegas, etc.

- on request inspection of selected luxury properties and exclusive residential areas on Mallorca

- and much more

An Adventure in Mallorca
Beach and Boat in Mallorca
Beautiful Beach in Mallorca

Before you decide on a property at Mallorca and choose Mallorca as your new holiday home or permanent residence, it is important to us that you get to know Mallorca and its Mediterranean lifestyle. That’s why we’re showing you everything Mallorca has to offer in terms of lifestyle with this VIP offer. Since we have been living on the island for many years, we guarantee you authentic insights into the island world far away from the usual tourist paths.

Experience the most attractive sides of Majorca soon - individual, exclusive, authentic! Prices and all further information you get here on your request!

We look forward to your call or write us here!

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