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Buy Finca on Mallorca

buy a finca on mallorca

Finca for Sale Mallorca - what to consider?

Buy your own Majorcan finca in Mallorca. For many people, a property of their own in Mallorca is an absolute lifelong dream. The relaxed lifestyle on a finca attracts many property buyers to the island. In this article you will learn all the necessary information to give you sufficient knowledge in the purchase decision.

Fincas on Mallorca belong to the most sought-after property types on Mallorca and can become a profitable investment. Everything you need to know about the picturesque country houses and country hotels on the Spanish island is summarized in a small overview. If you would like to buy a finca or a country hotel on Mallorca, you can do here online a preselection and get first impressions. If you have any questions about our real estate offers, please contact us.


What is a Finca?

Finca means as much as manor or farm and usually means country houses with larger plot proportions. Newly built incas are constructed with modern building materials and equipped with modern building technology, without losing the original country house style. To reflect the original impression of a finca, the newly built fincas are clad with natural stone facades. A private pool is found in most of the fincas.


What do you have to consider when buying a finca?

Mallorcan real estate is also subject to strict building regulations. When buying real estate, especially when buying a finca, we advise our clients to check with an attorney of their choice (also with our legal department) for legality of the built area, possible rights of way, burdens etc.. A visual check with a recognised property appraiser is also often useful. Fincas in need of renovation are tempting challenges for real estate investors and can be an interesting and lucrative investment if they are acquired cheaply and renovated to a high standard. We would be pleased to introduce you to architects and reliable construction companies.


Your estate in a quiet location

The country houses from the centre of the island to the north of Mallorca are popular destinations for tourists who want to explore the beautiful countryside. Around the fincas many Mallorcans farm extensively - fincas with large plots of land are also very popular among horse lovers. If you do not want to use the house yourself throughout, you can rent your finca with a valid license to holidaymakers and thus earn a large part of the purchase price within a few years. However, many legal requirements need to be clarified here, but more on this later.


Vacation in the countryside, far away from the tourist centres: The beautiful life in the rural corners of Majorca

Yes, there are many alternatives to classic package tours on „Malle“ with beer halls and skyscraper complexes on the beach. Far away from Mallorca’s party beaches there are picturesque slopes and quiet communities with small villages. Santanyí and Artà in the east of the island host luxurious inns and restaurants - fincas in these communities are perfect for inviting friends and family or for a cosy evening out. The weekly markets in Felanitx in the south of the island attract visitors from all over the world. Here you can find vegetables, fish and Spanish specialities at reasonable prices and marvel at regional craftsmanship. If you want to have a city nearby, you should choose a finca in the surrounding area of Palma. The airport would then be in the immediate area.


If you are looking for an investment property or would like to fulfil a long-standing dream with a Finca hotel business in Mallorca.

There are several accommodation establishments in Mallorca, although licensing is subject to strict conditions depending on the size of the property and the nature of the buildings and number of rooms. If you would like to have a look at corresponding properties, then you will find our offers on the following page: Buy Hotel in Mallorca

Here are some explanations of the different hotel offers on the market:


What is an Agroturismo Hotel?

Agroturismo is a tourist accommodation in a rural building (farm) built before 1 January 1960. The plot size must be at least 21,000 m². The prerequisite is a demonstrably managed farm with arable farming, fruit-wine-olive cultivation, livestock farming or forestry. Max 12 rooms and max 24 beds are allowed. These country houses can be found all over the island and are popular destinations for tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of Majorca in peace and quiet.


What is a Finca Rural Hotel?

Hotel Rural means country hotel with a licence for „Finca Rurales“. It is a hotel in a rural building built before 1 January 1940. Minimum plot size is 49,000 m². The maximum number of rooms is 25 with max 50 beds. Such hotels are often suitable for holding seminars or yoga courses. Weddings are also very popular in Mallorca at the moment, as there is a high probability to celebrate a wedding outdoors and in the sunshine.


What is a guest finca?

In many places of Mallorca, often away from mass tourism, fincas are offered for holiday rentals. This way of enjoying the most valuable days of the year as a holidaymaker has become an important income pillar for the Majorcan tourist industry in recent years. Finca owners in Mallorca have realized that you can generate good returns with a holiday rental and restaurant for hikers. Not every finca may be rented on a daily or weekly basis. For a holiday rental, the finca requires a valid vacation-rental license. Information about the rental license can be obtained in response to demand from us.

The real estate agent Finest Properties Mallorca supports you in all steps of real estate purchase on the Spanish Balearic Island.

We give you helpful tips for buying fincas and other properties. If you wish, we can organize sightseeing tours, so that you can experience interesting properties in front of the breathtakingly beautiful backdrop of the Serra de Tramuntana in the northwest and miles of sandy beaches in the southwest and southeast of the island. Whether for holiday rental or as an own retreat, a finca on Mallorca offers an area of peace and relaxation for all users. Mallorca’s fincas are trendy and can be found in all regions of the versatile Balearic island.

For further questions regarding real estate sales in Mallorca, please contact the Finest Properties Mallorca team. Call us, you can reach us 7 days a week on +34 971 69 81 49 or +34 609602402 or send us an e-mail. Write us here!

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